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The 12-week journey to embody a more loving relationship

with yourself and heal on a deep level.


Touching on the power of your mind and metaphysical healing you’ll complete this spiritually expanding experience feeling connected to your body, as confident a sunflower radiants, and energetically aligned in all areas of your life. 

☼ Do you wish you had more inspiration throughout the day?

☼ Do you feel stuck where you are but you know there is something more out there for you?

☼ Do you find yourself people-pleasing or having a difficult time standing up for yourself?

☼ Are you ready to speak up in difficult conversations instead of staying quiet?

☼ Are you interested in going on a spiritual journey but don’t know where to begin?

☼ Do feel disconnected from your body and long to feel more grounded as you move through your day?

☼ Would feeling confident in your body change the way you look at yourself in the mirror, and the kinds of activities you say yes to?

☼ When you wake up do you feel overwhelmed with all you have to do before you even get out of bed?

☼ Do you find yourself in negative head spirals?

☼ Have your struggled to find time in your day for self-care?



waking up each day not feeling rushed with where you need to be.

You wake up and take some time for yourself before looking at your phone.

When you are getting ready for the day you are feeling inspired and excited for what’s to come.

Feeling confident and sexy in any outfit you put on.

Your mind is clear and your body feels grounded.

You feel connected to yourself on a new level with insight flowing in naturally.

You know how to protect yourself energetically and clear your energy.

The people in your life make you feel vibrant and empowered.

You have a love for yourself and feel whole knowing that others don’t complete you but add sparkle to your life.

Your boundaries are clear and you have no problem saying no to what doesn’t align in your life.

Making more room for a HELL YES to what does feel good.

Opportunities flow with ease because you believe there is more out there for you.

When you say yes to this offer you are energetically putting out into the world that you are worthy. You are making a commitment to your growth and your future.

This program will leave you feeling empowered, confident, and loving on yourself in a way you didn’t know was possible. In return, this will positively impact every area of your life.

When you join Blossom you will receive:

Intimate Group Coaching Sessions:


This includes four intimate coaching calls with Kayla. You get the most value in these calls by showing up ready to engage. These calls are meant to build up the momentum throughout Blossom, to support you along the way, and to leave you feeling empowered. 

Online learning portal:


Each week during this program, new content through video modules, text, meditations, and PDFs will be released for you. You have lifetime access to this online learning portal and all the content from this program. This program gives you our method that will equip you with the tools to have for life.



Ongoing support and communication:


Want to ask a question or have extra support in between our calls? Whether that’s a personal question or relates to your content, you will be connected to us through a private channel. You will be able to private message Kayla as well as group message with your community. Kayla is here to cheer your on throughout the program.




The beauty of Blossom is that you aren’t doing this alone. When you are going through a transformation it can feel lonely. Not having others who are growing with you or understand the journey you are on. That’s what’s nice about Blossom is you will be connected through a private Facebook page with others who are on this journey as well. Connected to a community that sees you and is also there to support you every step of the way. This is a great place to connect with others on a deeper level.


Kayla believes in the power of energy healing and believes it can leave one feeling grounded, calm, clear, connected, and at ease. That’s why she has a surprise for you during the program.

Guest teachers who are joining to share their skills and support you through this transformation. There are a lot of people in this world with different gifts to share and that’s why we are bringing some on board to teach you different tools for you to connect with yourself on the deepest levels.

A message from your coach, Kayla


I know how it feels to live in the darkest places of your mind. I once lived there for too long. I finally hit a point in my life where I was tired of hating my body, not feeling enough, not feeling confident, and starving myself to hold an image that wasn’t sustainable. I was dimming my light. I decided that something needed to change but nothing was going to change if I wasn’t willing to show up and do the inner work. I decided to say yes to myself. 


Today I’m confident in all that I do. I don’t have a negative voice in my head when I am getting ready. I eat what I want when I want, and I move my body because it feels good instead of trying to look a certain way. I don’t compare myself to others, instead I feel inspired by others. Having done the inner work for over a decade I know how long this journey can be when you don’t have guidance from others. I waited to seek guidance and spent many years struggling when I didn’t have to. I live the life of the work I teach and have taken the steps to do this inner work over the last decade. As a Coach, Metaphysical healing practitioner, Reiki practitioner, and author I have helped people all around the world change their lives with my method. For the past six years, I’ve had a lot of trial and error fine-tuning my method while coaching others in their self-love journey. I now have a proven method so you don’t have to wait as long as I did. My method is all given to you through the phases of this program so you can change your life in the most magical ways too.

Signature Methodology

The process to rising into whom you came here to be

Phase 1

Till the soil

Discover the blocks in your mind that are limiting you from reaching your full potential. The stories you have been telling yourself for too long, going deep into the science behind your thoughts and how to shift your way of thinking.

Phase 2

Plant the seed

Work through your deepest fears to boost your confidence, stand in your power, set boundaries, and protect yourself energetically.


Phase 03


Uncover your habits that are sabotaging you and how to shift them while nurturing yourself on the deepest levels, find new self-care rituals and learn how to clear your energy.

Phase 04

Germinate the seed

Deepen your intuition with June Mac and trust where you are being called. Connect with your spirit team and know how supported you are. June Mac is an Intuition Mentor and Psychic.

Phase 05


A journey of radical acceptance, connecting to your sacred body, and raising your vibration. This comes with a downloadable workbook to heal your core wounds around loving your body and acknowledging how your body shows up for you daily.

Phase 06


We dive deep into the power of Metaphysical healing and how you can be storing emotions or experiences in your body that can manifest into disease, illness, or pain. Teaching you different ways to release and feel your most radiant self.

Phase 07


Realize and rise to your purpose with Kristin Fritz. Kristin Fritz is a certified meditation teacher, mindfulness coach, and love activist. With an emphasis on ease and simplicity, she delivers practical tools and insights for a lifestyle of less stress and more purpose. This phase comes with a downloadable meditation from Kristin.

Phase 8:


This phase is spent stepping into whom you came here to be. Creating the roadmap to go after all you desire for your future. Taking the bold steps to get there with confidence and fearless energy.




“I’m so grateful the Universe brought Kayla and I together.  We met through the most amazing circumstances, that I still can’t explain today.  I know greater forces were at work to bring us together and she was exactly what I needed.  It was an amazing experience to work with her and have her help me on my self-love journey and my grief process.  She helped me find love and acceptance of myself and helped me grow spiritually and feel more connected to the world around me.  Kayla is so easy to talk to and genially cares about the people she’s working with and truly wants to help.  I still can’t believe what an amazing experience it was to work with her, I appreciate her more than I can put into words.  I truly don’t know where I would be without her, she is absolutely an amazing soul.”



The work we have gotten to do together has been more productive than the years of therapy I've done in my lifetime. ♥️ The work feels like the missing puzzle piece that has finally been found! THANK YOUUUU ♥️ ♥️



"Blossom is a one-stop shop course for doing the inner work. Kayla is so knowledgeable. This course has helped me more than I can express in words. It's probably going to take me a whole year to integrate everything but so worth it. My life is forever changed. Thank you, Kayla."



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